Flat roofs are roofs with hardly any or no pitch. They are common on commercial buildings and some residential homes. Leaks are a common problem when it comes to flat roofs because water has nowhere to drain. Weight is another concern with a flat roof, the way a flat roof is constructed makes weight disbursement a challenge. Today there are three materials used in flat roofing. At Acura Roofing we only use modified bitumen for flat roof applications and we generally prefer self-adhesive over torch down when possible.

Built Up Roof (BUR)

The first type of flat roof material used for retaining water on low pitched roofs is the tar and gravel roof. This is an older method, it is expensive and outdated. As the name implies, the roof is built up into layers of hot tar and gravel. This method is most often used on commercial sites if still used at all.

Single layer Membrane roof

PVC and EPDM are just a few examples of single layer membrane roofs. These materials are made of synthetic rubber or polymer. Since PVC is applied in rolls, the seams must be taped or glued together for correct application. Single layer is not as durable as modified bitumen.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is a two-ply system which is applied in rolls that overlap. There are two types of modified; torch down and self-adhesive. In the past a blowtorch was used to heat the material, but today newer systems use a material which is peeled and stuck onto the roof, called self-adhesive. Torch down is generally used in temperatures below 60 degrees. Self-adhesive can be used on small areas such as a chimney cricket or smaller low-pitched areas in conjunction with shingles on sloped roofs. There are color options that can match your shingles. The advantage to modified bitumen is that it has a granulated surface and is more durable.

Acura Roofing is available for flat roof installs primarily in conjunction with sloped residential reroofs and smaller stand alone flat jobs in some cases. We offer free estimates and will recommend the best options for your flat roof needs.