How To Pick A Shingle Color

shingle color for your roofMost people don’t think choosing a roof color is of any significance. Does the color even matter? Who looks at roofs, not me? But this is all wrong. The color of your roof plays a big part on the overall curb appeal of your house. So the first step when looking for a new roof is to find the contractor you like and trust. Then ask your contractor what manufacturers they recommend. You can research all the different brands you’d like but the people that have the most experience with the manufacturers are the contractors. They deal with them daily and have a lot of involvement with them through the years so recommendations from contractors is comforting.

Next, go to the recommended manufacturer websites and start looking through the different colors in each style shingle. The colors will vary depending on the style of shingle you choose. If you want a 20-year, 25-year, 30-year or even a specialty shingle, they will have a different color palette to choose from. Most brands will have a color choice visualization tool that allows you to pair the colors of your house with the different colors of shingles. You can upload a photo of your house and then try out the colors on your roof to get an idea of how it would look in real life. It can be called Design EyeQ or Interactive Roof Visualizer, different names for different companies.

shingle color for roofOnce you choose a color family like browns versus greys or light colors versus dark colors, you should then go back to your contractor and ask that they drop sample boards off to view. This will give you a real to life idea of the compatibility with your house. You can hold the shingle boards up to the siding, brick or rock and stand back to get a full perspective of the look.

Things you might want to think about, often times lighter colored shingles can wash out the color of a light-colored rock on your house. If you have a brick with a lot of color diversity like reds and browns or even sometimes greys, it’s a good idea to find a shingle color that will play off one of those brick colors. Weathered wood or driftwood (light greys) are colors that go with any house style and color. If you have a light-colored rock or brick maybe you want to go with a dark shingle to give it more of a pop. One last thing to think about is the current color of your house and will your house stay that color. Do you want your shingle to match any color you choose to paint the house? Good questions to ponder and consider when choosing a shingle color.

Choosing the right shingle color for your roof can be the exact thing that makes your house distinct and catch the eye in your neighborhood. The color variation in the dimensional shingles are beautiful and easy to spot as you drive through. Your home can benefit from choosing the right shingle color that harmonizes well with the house.