How do you choose a roofer and what should you be mindful of? Choosing a contractor in general is a difficult decision, here are some key factors to think of when looking for a roofing contractor.

Look for local! Contractors that do business in your area will have more connections with other contractors in the industry and also have relationships with the local suppliers. Often times you will find a local roofing association, like Austin Roofing Contractors Association. A contractor that is connected with a local association will usually be up to date on new materials and products and staying competitive in the industry. There are different code requirements based on location that you will want to make sure your contractor is familiar with as well.

It is best to find a contractor that is a part of the Better Business Bureau so that you have access to any reviews or complaints that have been made. Reviews from other sources are also a good indicator that the company is well managed and knowledgeable. Yelp is one of the many good places for reviews.

A company that has been in the business for many years demonstrates that they will have good business practices and the company is solid with little to no probability of failure. A company with a long standing reputation and many years of experience shows integrity and good character.

Avoid storm chasers who are fly-by-night contractors that are swarming areas that have just been hit with a storm. They usually want payment upfront, they are not around if you need something down the road and their quality of work is unreliable.

Family owned businesses only add an extra level security in the choosing process. It is less likely that the company isn’t going anywhere because there are generations to come. Family businesses generally mean stable and long-term staff which in turn means stable service to the client.

Ask the contractor if he’d be willing to provide three references. Others experiences can tell you a lot about the company. Getting a referral from others in the industry or neighbors can be very reassuring.

Look for a company that has good character and enjoys their work. You want a company that is straight forward and honest but can have a sense of humor over the phone; a contractor that has your best interest.

Most roofing companies will provide a labor guarantee so this is something you should look out for and make sure it is in the contract. Warranties offered are usually five years. Manufacturer’s warranties differ depending on the brand and style of shingle you choose.

Just keep in mind that a good roofing company will treat you like family and are worth waiting for. Make sure the company you choose is honest, trustworthy and reliable and you will have a positive experience.