roofing shingles that need to be replaced

Whether you know how old your roof is or not, there are some tell tale signs in determining if you need a new roof. Here are just some of the signs of a failing roof. If your roof shows any of these characteristics it might be a good idea to get your roof assessed.

Buckling. If you see that your shingles are curling this could be a sign of old age. This can be caused by moisture in the attic which then causes nails to pop up on the roof.

Extreme Granule Loss. When your shingles lose their granules what is left is a fiberglass sheen that is often visible from the ground. Another way to know if your losing granules is to check your gutters.

Torn, Loose or Missing Shingles. Shingles should lie flat so if you notice missing, cracked or damaged shingles it would be a good idea to get this checked. Shingles can be replaced so sometimes damaged or missing shingles can be a simple repair as well but when shingles are not in their place it exposes areas of the roof to the elements.

Sunken Area. A sagging area in the roof means there has been exposure to the decking. Drooping areas usually means there is rotted wood. If you see this on your roof you should go into your attic to see if there is mold or a discolored area.

Mold In Attic. It is always a good idea to periodically visit your attic if your able. Your attic will have signs of leaking like discolored or rotted areas. If it is a small area it could be an easy fix but if it’s large amounts of rotted wood it may be best to replace your roof.

Keep in mind, roofs can look worn out but can function just fine. Keep your eye out for leaks inside your house and in your attic. Check the roof out from time to time to make sure your shingles are there and lying flat. A little maintenance on your roof a couple times of year will help you see the signs and possibly prolong the life of your roof.

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