How Did We Become A Family Roofing Business?

Family img | Acura RoofingI started my roofing contractor business after many years of being on the roof myself. I worked for numerous roofing contractors learning the methods and the different styles of doing business as a roofer. Gradually I started working as a subcontractor and slowly but surely, I transitioned to becoming the roofing contractor by taking on one or two jobs at first and was then able to hire my own subcontractors.   My business was growing. I had always envisioned having a family business one day.  When I got married, my wife took on a lot of the office work that was very much needed and she upgraded my business drastically. We became an “Inc.” and she kept the business running from the administrative side of things with office support and computerizing the business. Things were coming together.

Even with the help of my partner gearing us up to another level, we were still very busy and needed more help.  My son, Sean, was attending college but had no firm plans for his future. That’s when I had my first Aha! moment. I decided to train my son to learn the roofing business I worked so hard to build. He was obviously open to the idea but had a little apprehension about it all. Sean is now the roofing estimator and roof repair man for Acura Roofing and has been with us now for 12 years. Customers love him and he has really adapted to this field well. He is a huge asset to Acura Roofing.

My daughter, Alissa, joined our roofing business much later, I don’t think she ever imagined working with her dad much less a roofing company. Now we couldn’t function without her! She started with us in 2014. She finished her bachelors at Texas State University and was working at a PR firm here in Austin. She and her husband were having difficulty getting pregnant, so they had just started to get licensed to foster to adopt that same year, 2014. She had received a couple of calls for newborn babies to come into her home, but her job was unable to work with her schedule and the quick exit that was needed when the call came. That’s when I had another Aha! moment. The roofing business was very busy, and we needed more administrative assistance in the office. When I presented my daughter with the idea of coming to help us in the office she was thrilled. She could bring the baby to work, make her own hours all the while starting her family. As a Grandpa that was very exciting for me as well. She has since had two beautiful children through fostering to adopt. Both the children came to work with her every day when they were babies which did make things hard but was fun and kept me young.

Having a family business is wonderful! Don’t get me wrong, we all have our moments, but overall it has been a great adventure and it’s really fun being with my wife and two children on the roller coaster called Acura Roofing Inc.

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