Leaky Roof - Acura RoofingYour roof protects your home and is an important part of the structure. It can be hard to determine if you have a leaky or damaged roof because the signs may not be as pronounced as other problems in your home. Here are nine signs of a leaky or damaged roof you can spot and remedy before they become worse and turn into costly nightmares.

  1. Water Spots – Obvious signs like water stains and moisture are easy to spot, but are these coming from the roof or a leaky pipe? Is it a big leak or a small one? If you notice a water spot on the ceiling after it rains, then a leak in the roof is likely. The problem with a leak is that the actual spot where the water is entering your home may be far away from where the water spot appears. Water can travel on the rafters and lumber before it appears on your ceiling. A roofing contractor is the best detective to pinpoint where the roof is failing.
  2. Granules in the Gutter and Downspouts – It is normal for granules to come off when it rains. But if you see an increased number of granules in your gutters and downspout this could be an indication of a problem with your shingles. Look at the shingles and see if they have any bald spots, roof blistering, if they are starting to fray on the edges or if you can see a fiberglass sheen on your roof. This is an indication your shingles are old and need replacing.
  3. Buckled shingles– Shingles that don’t adhere, defective shingles or raised fasteners can cause buckling. This is when the shingles are not lying flat.
  4. Flashing issues– Flashing is extremely vital especially in “wall to roof” flashing and counterflashing. This is flashing that goes up the wall behind the siding or up the wall of your chimney to prevent leaking in intersections, corners or dead spots on your roof. Flashing around all vents needs to be nailed and sealed as well so water can’t get under the metal edges.
  5. Sagging– Signs of sagging or sunken in areas on your roof. This is a sign that your roof has likely had a leaking problem for a longer period of time which caused the decking to rot.
  6. Missing shingles– If you notice some wind blow or torn shingles on the ground around your house call a professional roofer before the elements get to the bare wood which can cause rotting.
  7. Trees and critters– Trees scraping the roof can cause the shingles to tear and granules to fall loose. When limbs fall close to the roof it also allows for critters to access the roof which you don’t want!
  8. Under-ventilated roofs can cause premature aging and make the shingles on your roof more brittle due to heat and no airflow.
  9. Boots– Rubber boots commonly used by builders can crack and become brittle within 7-10 years and will need replacement and or repair. This is a very common cause of leaking. When we replace a roof, we use leads which last longer than the life of the materials.

These are just nine signs of a leaky or damaged roof, you may notice more and want to seek expert advice. An experienced roofer can spot problems and recommend the proper way to treat them. A roofing expert has the knowledge and tools to repair and replace your roof if needed. Call or contact Acura Roofing today if you notice any of these signs or suspect your roof is leaky or damaged.